Beautiful candles, lots of pleasant scents. They create the perfect aromatic setting for therapeutic treatments or relaxing environment at home. Soybean candles burn cleaner and cooler and leave minimal wax residue.
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Soybean Massage Candles
Soybean Massage Candle has been carefully blended using only pure essential oils and natural plant waxes. Jojoba oil adds a tactile and luxury feel to this warm wax massage. The ingredients are extremely rich and moisturising so a little will go a long way. Ideal for rubbing into those dry skin areas...
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Soy Pot Of Fragrance Candle
2 Soy Pots of Fragrance Candles - enjoy the natural, smoother fragrance and long burning time. The great thing about soy wax is that it has excellent fragrance-holding qualities and releases the fragrance evenly throughout burning. Soybean candles burn cleaner, cooler and last longer than paraffin candles...
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