The Four Magic Ingredients For Younger-looking Skin
The Four Magic Ingredients For Younger-looking Skin
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Burning the candle at both ends, with work and a hectic social life, can mean your skin needs a little extra help. Look out for the following ingredients in your skincare range, as science has found that they can lend a helping hand in the fight against ageing. If you experience any soreness or skin irritation, discontinue using a product immediately.

Vitamin A.
It can help diminish the depth of wrinkles, thanks to its inflammatory action, which plumps up the skin to make wrinkles look less deep.

Vitamin C.
it has a brightening effect as it can help to boost circulation and increase the skin's production of collagen.

Alpha- hydroxy acids ( AHAs or 'fruit acids').
They improve the skin's appearance by speeding up the shedding of old, dead cells from te skin surface, revealing the fresher, younger-looking skin underneath.

These are chemicals that encourage the skin produce new cells more quickly, making it thicker and more compact. After a month or two of use, the skin becomes smoother and fine wrinkles are reduced, but after six months this reaches a plateau and your skin won't continue improving. If you discontinue use, the skin reverts to its previous condition. Sadly, it will have no effect on deeper lines.

Source: 'The busy girl's guide to looking great'.

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