Beauty tips. Fragrance.
Beauty tips. Fragrance.
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Cool is the rule. Prolong the shelf-life of your favourite fragrance by keeping it in the fridge. This will help preserve the ingredients, which can often be in delicate balance, and prevent scent changes.

Keep it boxed up. Keeping perfumes in their boxes shields them from light, which can cause chemical changes in their make-up and helps them last longer than if exposed to light.

Test only four. Don’t try more than four scents at once, however tempting it is when trapped in a department store. You won’t be able to differentiate between them, though sniffing coffee will help readjust your ‘nose’.

Through the woods. Chypre scents are based on mossy and fern notes that are often combined with jasmine, rose or citrus, and are ideal if you like warm, aromatic scents.

A waterfall scent. The ozonic family of fragrances has watery notes that are often used to enhance floral, oriental and woody fragrances. If you like the fresh air feel of the seaside, these scents are right for you.

Daytime for flowers and fruit. Traditionally the two fragrance families of florals and citrus are reserved for day. Florals are feminine and easy to wear, ranging from single notes to bouquets that include rose, lily of the valley, freesia and violet. Citrus is crisp, refreshing and tangy.

Get scents-ible. Perfume and scent can change the way you feel. To give yourself a lift, opt for citrus scents or vanilla, and for sexy evenings, try musk or rose.

Get a different mood. Because most of eau de toilettes are potent for only four to five hours, you can change fragrances throughout the day to suit your mood. Not many people have a ‘signature’ scent they stick to for all occasions.

Be conscious of colour. Throw your perfume away if it changes colour (especially if it goes darker) or starts to smell different, as this means irreversible changes have taken place in the bottle, which could cause skin reactions.

Don’t spray onto silk. While it is great to have your fragrance on your clothes and hair, avoid spraying directly onto fabric. Many materials, especially silk, will stain permanently.

Oriental fragrances. Spicy musks, woods and ambers from the basis of this sultry and seductive family of fragrances. They are heavier and longer lasting, making them popular for evening.

Light or heavy? Choose your type of scent according to how you will wear it – eau the fraiche only lasts an hour or two, with eau de toilettes 20 per cent of the scent will last all day, with eau de parfum 30 per cent lasts all day, and with perfume 50 per cent lasts all day.

Make it last. Layer your favourite fragrance to make more effective by using matching products – the shower gel, body lotion and perfume.

A flower garden of scents. Learn to recognise the main flower scent behind the perfume – lily of the valley, one of the most delicate and sweetest flowers, is behind Christian Dior’s Diorissimo and Jean Patou’s Joy is based on jasmine and rose.

Care in the workplace. If you love wearing perfumes, be thoughtful of others in the workplace or public spaces. Although you may love the scent, it can be a hazard for others, triggering asthma, migraine and other allergic reactions.

Take a break. There is some evidence that sensitive skins can ‘get used’ to a fragrance if worn every day , which could lead to skin reactions if you stop using it for a while and then start again. To prevent this problem, don’t wear the scent every day.

A nose for new scents. When trying out a new scent, wait up to five hours for it to develop on your skin – this way you will first smell the top notes, then the middle at about two to four hours later (the important notes) and finally the full base note.

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