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Amino Boosters use pure Norwegian YTE® which is a highly absorbable bioavailable source of the 22 most required Amino Acids by the human body. The human body is comprised of approximately 20% protein and Amino Acids are the basic building blocks of all proteins in the body.

What is YTE®? YTE® is a patented food supplement developed and patented by the Norwegian government and made exclusively in Norway.

Amino Boosters are the worlds strongest YTE© supplement giving you the full 1600 mg a day of YTE® as was used in all the medical studies conducted on YTE®. Discover more ...


Some people are unable to take Amino Boosters due to the ginkgo biloba. While Amino Boosters are an excellent supplement and most people love the formula, people taking blood thinning (anticoagulant) or epilepsy medication, when pregnant, breastfeeding and children cannot take ginkgo.

For all these reasons, we created AminoPure.

AminoPure+ Ingredients:
420mg of genuine YTE® (protein peptides from egg albumen)
Bioperine® (Sabinsa) Powder 95% Piperine - at clinical dose
Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid Powder) - at clinical dose
Rice bran (as flow agent - all natural)
NO Tricalcium phosphate and silicium dioxide (anti-caking agents)
NO Magnesium stearate (emulsifier)
Capsule: vegetarian capsule (no gelatin)

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My Happy Booster is the light sparkly natural drink mix combining extra virgin organic botanical extracts and highly purified pharmaceutical grade vitamins and minerals to naturally and cleverly lift your mood, boost your serotonin.
Discover how life is meant to feel
Balance your mood
Alleviate unnecessary stress
Stop yourself from always worrying so much!
The All Natural Extreme Happiness Drink Mix Lovingly Made With

Extra Virgin Herbs & Botanicals, Vitamins & Minerals.

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Drinkifi Taste Enhancer - Discover How Water, Wine, Liquids And Fruits Should Taste!

Drinkifi is a revolutionary drink enhancer that uses frequency to change the water of the drink. It does this by emitting 30,000 natural resonance frequencies that change the structure of the water.

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NeuraBoost - Premium Vitamin B & Selenium Complex

NeuraBoost is Premium Brain Enhancement For Mature Intelligence.

Feed Your Mind, Improve Your Memory And Enthusiasm.
For mature intelligence, NeuraBoost is the premium natural brain boosting supplement which actually helps feed your mind and improves memory because it's packed full of essential premium B Complex Vitamins - genuine ingredients at the right dose so you have all the advantages of a proper diet with no negative side effects.

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Have You Tried To Meditate Before?
If you are new to meditation I am sure you have heard people talking about the profound benefits of meditation and maybe like many people you have "given it a go".
This for many people is where the journey begins and ends because meditation takes time and discipline to master before you really feel the benefits.
We have the solution for any beginner to skip the need for the long, disciplined and challenging learning curve to "master" meditation.
Our Meditation Wristbands resonate a series of frequencies that tune you into meditation within minutes of putting it on.

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Frequency Wristbands are designed to raise your vibrations, rebalance your chakras and realign your meridians. These important energy centres and pathways can become blocked. Trapped negative energy can impact your entire body.

Get Your Boom! Back's Frequency Wristbands are the result of over ten years of dedicated research, trials and use. More than $5m has been invested into understanding and utilising the natural resonance frequencies and how to deliver them to the human biofield.

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Petifi - The Worlds First Bio Resonance Frequency Pet Tags.
Just like humans our cats and dogs have subtle energy systems such as chakras and meridians. Our pets get stressed and just like people these subtle energy systems become unbalanced and blocked.

Petifi Technology Balances Subtle Energy Systems
Petifi uses the same delivery technology as our human Frequency Wristbands to deliver natural resonance frequencies every 15 minutes.

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Horsifi - The Natural Ion Emitting Bioresonance Horse Tags

The bioresonance horse tag with natural ions, to combat the free radicals stressing your horse.
Just like humans horses have subtle energy systems such as chakras and meridians. Our animals get stressed and just like people these subtle energy systems become unbalanced and blocked.
When our human chakras and meridians become blocked and unbalanced we start to experience discomfort which effects our mood and over all wellbeing. Animals are no different and experience subtle energy blockages just as we do.

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